We Have Arrived

We are enjoying a beautiful Nicaraguan evening with a pleasant breeze and brilliant stars. But this is a country of huge contrasts: our house is big and beautiful just outside Granada, but we can’t drink the water and we’re surrounded by walls with concertina wire and five rows of electric wire. In the city of Granada, one street will be paved in colorful tile for the benefit of tourists and the next street behind it will be a dirt road with “gray water” from kitchen drainage standing in 18 inch deep ruts. (Our modern washing machine drains into a gutter next to the laundry room.) There is a sparkling blue lake with scenic volcanoes on the islands, but there are almost no tourists or hotels. Years of war and corruption have left poverty and a lack of infrastructure in this beautiful land. We have met a lot of Americans who are here as we are, trying to help bring better education, skills, and faith to the people. One contribution we all make is to stimulate the economy as we take busses and taxis, buy groceries, and rent houses.
Today, we visited some Church members and met a Relief Society president. She is a gracious and hard-working woman, who supports her family by sewing. She said a beautiful prayer on our behalf, asking that we be blessed with success and safety and that our family be blessed in our absence. She told us that many people don’t show up for classes or opportunities for improvement because they are “bored,” which we think indicates they lack hope and vision. We will be supporting four different congregations in Granada, so our first task is to get to know the people and offer our services to the leaders.
Here are a few pictures: Frank at our front gate with Mount Mombacho in the background; Ellen with local members.

Front gate RS Pres


One thought on “We Have Arrived

  1. We feel so blessed to share your missionary experience through this blog. This little glimpse into your lives is another way your mission is blessing the world. Your desire to serve and love the people of Nicaragua is already evidenced by the way you are already seeing the beauty of the land and the hearts of the people. We pray for your success daily.

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