Surprisingly Good

food surprises

Canary melon, white pineapple and fried plantains

People have asked us how we like the food in Nicaragua. Our best answer this week is: the food is surprising!

We don’t buy from street vendors, because they don’t have the standards of refrigeration or clean food supplies that our stomachs have learned to expect.  There is no other fast food here, so we are probably eating a healthier diet than we did at home, preparing fresh vegetables, fruits, and limited amounts of meat—canned tuna or salmon and a frozen chicken cooked once a week.

But many of the foods we buy are new to us, even when we don’t try to be adventurous.  This week Frank picked up what he thought was a butternut squash. I took one look at it and pronounced it a spaghetti squash.  After exploring spaghetti squash recipes online, I pierced it with a knife and was putting it into the microwave to precook it, when I realized it had punctured rather easily.  Fortunately I cut it in half before proceeding and ruining what turned out to be a canary melon.  At that point, I decided to make a fruit salad to have with sandwiches. I asked Frank to cut up the pineapple, which turned out to be pure white inside, while I cut up a ripe banana, which turned out to be a plantain.  Plantains taste a lot like potatoes, and have to be cooked, so we ate fried plantains, canary melon, and white pineapple for lunch.  It was good, but the whole meal was a surprise.


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