Computers: You Can’t Escape Them

missionapplicationThis week Elder Sorenson’s greatest challenge was helping a branch president open a young man’s mission application—a two-hour project, which is ironic given that Frank spent over 40 years as a computer professional.

Everything was complicated by the fact that the church is being reconstructed, so we are meeting in a rented gymnasium, without Internet service.  Neither the branch president nor the young man has a computer, so we took our laptop to the young man’s home.  Though he said they had Internet, we had a hard time maintaining a network connection on what we ultimately learned was a neighborhood internet account.  Finally, the young man’s mom gave him some money and sent him out to rent a Wi-Fi box for 24 hours.  (Who knew you could do that?)

The next challenge was to help the branch president establish a password and get into the system that he was not used to accessing. This involved using our phone to call a member of the district presidency, since the branch president’s phone used a different, and more limited network, and for him to make the call would have strained his family budget.  After consulting with some other district leaders who knew where to find the link he needed, initiating the mission application was a matter of 30 seconds.  We celebrated the accomplishment with prayer and rejoicing!

Everything takes longer than we would expect, but life here in Nicaragua is a little more slow-paced than we are used to, and no one seems to mind.  Another missionary is preparing to go out and spread the good word!


3 thoughts on “Computers: You Can’t Escape Them

  1. Well there’s one thing for sure, nothing is ever dull and no two days are alike! Hope your foot is healing. We enjoy following your blog. Looks like you are doing great work.

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