All Over the World at the End of Day

Heavenly Father’s Children Kneel Down and Pray

Primary Children:primary1primary4primary2primary3 I miss my Primary Class, Allison, Charity, Ellie, Grant, Jessica, Tom, Trinity, and all our visitors. But I am excited to discover that the Primary children in Granada are having the same lessons and learning the same songs as they do in Naperville. Here they don’t have any piano or any leaders who know how to play the piano, so I can help them by singing the songs I learned in Naperville. I also am going to get some keyboards and teach piano lessons so they can learn new songs when I am not here. I am helping four different branches of the church, so I go to different meetings each week.

Someone in Granada is a good artist and made many beautiful pictures to hang in one primary room. Most of the pictures are the same as you would find in Naperville, but the words are in Spanish. One says “Soy un hijo de Dios,” and one says “Haz Lo Justo.” (That means “I am a child of God, and “Do the Right.”) One day we were in a pharmacy and a man who saw our missionary tags showed us his HLJ ring!

I am posting a picture of some Primary children and their teacher singing at a baptism and another of a child giving a talk. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the same in every language and for all people!


7 thoughts on “Primary

  1. Hi there Frank and Ellen,

    Yes, you are doing something extrordinary there. May The Lord bless your efforts and keep you safe. (I do worry about that.)

    Love Maurine

  2. Great post. The gospel is true and The Lord knows and loves His children wherever they are!!

    Sent from my iPad


    • We are just touching down in slc to go to women’s conf. All my girls and 4 oldest granddaughters are going! I hope you will find a place to watch. Yep – all over the world. There is a couple on the plane returning from South Africa.

  3. I will make sure to read this to Allison in the morning! She will love to read it and I will make sure she gets a note in the mail to you. I’m glad to hear your mission is giving you lots of oppurtunity to serve the lord.

  4. Gramma let me tell you about our Primary class. The boys have been sick recently. I MISS YOU VAREY MUCH GRAMMA!! Bye Gramma!

  5. I love the pictures of the people in “your” branches. Seeing them makes them so much more real. And I love the pictures that artist has done. Beautiful!

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