Our International Family

Carl's familyLala citizen

We send special love and congratulations today to our beautiful daughter-in law, Lala, who is celebrating her new citizenship.  Happy Birthday Lala!  We are so grateful to have her as a part of our family–a faithful and loving wife to Carl, and the creative mother of three beautiful little girls.

We contemplate the sacrifice and eternally valuable gift of the missionaries who went to the Philippines 25 years ago and baptized Lala and her family. Just as we don’t always to see the fruits of the work we are doing, those missionaries probably don’t see that one little girl had the faith and member support to stay active in the Church even though the rest of her family was less involved in religion.  They didn’t see her attend all of her seminary and young women’s activities, go to the temple, or go to work in the United States, where she and Carl were miraculously able to meet while she was visiting an old primary friend.

Over 150 years ago, missionaries went to Norway and baptized Elder Sorenson’s ancestors. Fifteen years ago, a Church member in Korea introduced the gospel to Jenny’s husband, Chris, who was later baptized in Italy.  Frank’s wife, Elizabeth, is the granddaughter of a German convert.  And 50 years ago my Croatian father was taught by missionaries who went to Lombard, Illinois.  Our niece Annie married a righteous member from Singapore; her sister married a faithful convert from India.  Our nephew Joe married a beautiful member from Holland.

Now we are in Nicaragua, helping sustain new church members in a country where the church is in its infancy.  We can’t begin to envision the future of each individual or their essential place in the great international church and family of our Heavenly Father.  But today we feel that we have a glimpse of the possibilities for the people of Nicaragua and their place in the worldwide family of the church–or perhaps someday a part of the Sorenson family itself.


6 thoughts on “Our International Family

  1. How nice. What a beautiful family they have!! International seems to be the word – We have had 55 Thai saints in the temple this week for the whole week and they were fabulous. What a great experience Have a great week. ^_^ Loved the post.

  2. Love the literary references, loved the Poisonwood Bible. Excellent book. Love the connections. Love your international family. And we have a Lithuanian daughter-in-law (who just gave us our first grandchild in June. His name is:Ma million Santos Newlin. Chad chose it because they are two of his favorite characters and admits sounded Lithuanian. Max wiill grow up with two languages. We call him Mirical Max. She was afraid they’d.never get pregnant and after five years of trying, she finally conceived. . Chad had his mother-in-law to send them some children’s books in Lithuanian because he wants to learn his son’s second language. His wife speaks, reads and writes five different languages, including English. She is wonderful, and brings so much to us. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at age 24. Had a full round of radiation and chemo The oncologist told her he was sure that the onset at such a young age was from her being in the direct path of Chernobl radiation. Russians told NO ONE IN LITHUANIA they had been exposed to large doses of radiation for five days. She remembers playing on the grass and dirt for nearly a week before they got the message to stay inside as much as possible. Listening to her talk about living under Russian occupation and the devastation left in its wake of their departure. I love our children flung out over the U.S.. Thank for giving us your contact info! Can’t wait to hear from you again!

    I’m typing this on my Kindal. Please excuse the auto correct mistakes. I try to catch all of them, but find I can’t!


  3. I feel so blessed to be a part of this beautiful family. We admire and have been blessed by your example of service and faithfulness. Thank you for your love, prayers, and for raising such a wonderful man who brings so much happiness and blessings to myself and our children. It was a great birthday! We love and miss you!!

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