Church Last Week; Church This Week

The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same wherever we worship, but it is certainly a great gift to be able to celebrate the Savior in a beautiful, clean, bright, new chapel, with a real organ, adequate classrooms, and working toilets.  A week ago, we went to church in an old rented gymnasium, without windows, air conditioning, or a place for activities.  This week, thanks to the gifts and sacrifices of members all over the world who have faithfully contributed their tithes and offerings, we participated in the dedication of a beautiful new chapel.   Our piano students played hymns on a marvelous electronic organ, and everyone could see and hear the proceedings.

Tuesday night, we watched the youth play soccer in the court outside while branch presidents had planning meetings in their offices, and on Saturday we will be holding a piano recital in the Relief Society room.  People passing on the street stop in to ask what this beautiful new church is; it is absolutely the most modern and beautiful building in this 500 year-old city.  We thank everyone who contributed this great gift to the Lord, and to the people of Granada.  This year we will celebrate the birth of Jesus in a place worthy of His sacrifice for us.

Church Last Week


old church frank old church outside old church pulpit old churchprimary kids in the cave


Church This Week

new chapel new church Dharma New church Ellen and Azyhadee new church primary New church rs room


3 thoughts on “Church Last Week; Church This Week

  1. How absolutely wonderful that you have a new building with all the blessings that come with it!! We wish you two a great Christmas and blessings for a wonderful new year. Ann and Paul

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