We are long-time residents of Naperville, Illinois. We recently retired, and have applied to serve a full-time church service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We received our call/assignment to Nicaragua (Managua South Mission), leaving Jan. 6. We will spend the next 23 months teaching, supporting, and training members and leaders of the LDS Church in Nicaragua. We are excited about our assignment, and look forward to meeting the humble people of Nicaragua.


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  1. Hi Brother and Sister Sorenson,
    It has been so fun reading your blog over the past several months. Your messages and stories are so meaningful. Thanks for sharing your insight and for your example and service. It has been very valuable.

    I am a friend and neighbor of Connie Gibbs (Fruit Heights, Utah). My son is also serving a mission in the Nicaragua Managua South Mission. He arrived in Nicaragua on Sept 1. I would love to email you, as I have a few questions. One question I have is related to mail service and electronics. My son’s camera broke and he needs a new one. Is it better to send one from the states and hope it arrives? Or can he buy a quality camera in Managua? Thanks again for your service!

    • My son arrived in Nicaragua on Sept. 2, 2014. I would love to be connected with others who have children serving there. Is there a way to get contact info for Sister Wagstaff or others?
      Becky Niblett

  2. We are happy that you are following our blog. Our emails are sorensonfranklin@gmail.com and sorensonellen@gmail.com.
    With regards to a camera, it would be much better for him to buy one in Nicaragua. Many people have cell phones, and electronics are readily available in stores that cater to North Americans. For mail service, sending letters and packages to the mission box number is the only way to depend on an arrival; send using US Postal Service. DHL or other carriers are not dependable. If there is anything of value in a package, the Nicaraguan customs procedure can be depended on to 1) charge an exorbitant customs charge or 2) make the contents disappear. Regular letters take at least 3 weeks to get here; our daughter send a package in February which never arrived.
    We will keep our eyes open for Elder Wagstaff.
    We have more access (and permission to use) email and other communication than the young missionaries. If you’d like to chat by phone, we have an internet-based account and our home phone number, 630-357-2509.
    The young missionaries are very hard working, focused, and dedicated. I’m sure your son is having a life-changing experience. President Russell is amazing, and takes very good care of the young missionaries.
    Elder Sorenson

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